About Teknopet

   Teknopet is founded in 2004 and is currently the largest PET wide neck jar producer in the world with nearly 750,000 jars per day capacity. Teknopet is also one of the largest preform producers of Europe. Hundreds of companies around the world are choosing Teknopet as their PET jar and PET preform supplier every day. We are offering our customers a wide variety of PET Preforms, PET Jars, PET Bottles and Closures.

   Today, it's impossible to deny the importance of the PET packaging. In a very short time, PET packaging became the most popular packaging material in the world. It's very hard to think that the water that we drink, oil that we use for foods, beverages and all the other liquids that we use in our daily life, are sold in glass containers in today's world.

   It's obvious that PET is the most advanced, the easiest recycled and the cheapest packaging material. Thanks to our high technology, you can be sure that what you are buying is a premium quality container. Because it's Teknopet. We know everything about PET and we'll be glad to work with you and share our knowledge with you.

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